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Useful links.


http://www.terry.uga.edu/~akefalas/ | Stell Kefalas' academic page in the University of Georgia web site.

http://www.fool.com/ | To Educate, Amuse and Enrich.

http://www.investopedia.com/ | A Forbes Media Company.

Canadian Association of Family Enterprise (CAFE)
"a not-for-profit national organization in 1983, dedicated to promoting the well-being and understanding of families in business. There are CAFE Chapters within most major business regions, stretching from the coast of Vancouver Island to the coast of Nova Scotia."

Fambiz.com (Center for Family Business, Northeastern University, Boston, MA)
"... The Web's Leading Resource for Family Business Executives & Owners!" is "... a non-profit organization hosted by one of the world's most respected family business educational institutions ..."
Search for articles by keyword or limit to specific topics such as Communication Issues or Leadership.

familybizz.net (Grant Thorton International)
"designed to provide an insight ... ... into the specific issues of concern to family businesses around the world.

Family Business Experts (Family Business Institute, Smyrna GA)
"We offer a broad range of strategies to address the spectrum of unique and complex problems that impact family businesses. If you have a problem that is threatening your family business, you have come to the right place for help. If you are not able to find exactly the right answer for your problem - ASK THE EXPERT will respond within 48 hours - a complimentary service for members of family-owned businesses."

business.com : Family-Owned Business Categories
Provides links to family business sites and some articles.

Knowledge (Wharton School)
Search for specific terms or browse by topics such as Leadership and Change; Insurance and Pensions; Strategic Management; Public Policy and Management; Human Resources; Business Ethics; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; or Managing Technology. A free sign up may be required to access some articles, interviews and other documents.

International Family Enterprise Research Academy
"is geared towards advancing family business research, theory and practice through enhanced collaboration and accelerated learning based on world best practice. Its vision is to be the driving force of an international network that ensures that family business, as a multi-disciplinary field, becomes a leading field in business research."

Family Firm Institute (Boston, MA)
Provides links to the Facts & Figures on US and international family businesses.

National Association of Corporate Directors : Family Business Governance Resources (Washington, DC)
"Through a specific track of educational and publishing initiatives, NACD strives to address the ways in which corporate governance uniquely applies to family business."


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