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About us

Global Family Business Consultants is based in Athens Georgia and headed by Asterios (Stell) Kefalas. The Overseas office is in Thessaloniki, Greece. Our purpose is to provide family businesses with solid tools and advice that will enable them to prosper and remain sound for future generations.


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We see the world of the 21st Century as a huge "network of wired people."

In this global web each person is a node. People receive and send messages about themselves and the world around them. Some of these messages deal with personal issues. Others pertain to work matters. Every person feels free in accessing the web. Every person's node is accessible by every other node. Everybody lives in an Electronic Global Village. We are one of these nodes.

We see ourselves as a very active node in this global web. We are Free Agents: we believe that we can contribute to the creation of a better world by helping people create and run profitable and socially responsible and responsive organizations.
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