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About us

Global Family Business Consultants is based in Athens Georgia and headed by Asterios (Stell) Kefalas. The Overseas office is in Thessaloniki, Greece. Our purpose is to provide family businesses with solid tools and advice that will enable them to prosper and remain sound for future generations.


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How many of your friends and acquaintances have related to you over a dinner or at a professional meeting that life at the top is lonely? How many times you have heart somebody asking: "Are there other family business owners who can share their experience with me on how to set up a board or on a succession plan for my family business?" Did you ever contemplate what legacy you are going to leave? What do you want your obituary to be like? How long will go on going on? Do your children "care" about the business? Did you discuss "business" with them? What does your spouse think about the business? These and many other questions must go on in your head daily-- and we are sure they do. Would it be nice to have somebody who has the knowledge and experiences with others like you to share some thoughts?

That's our purpose. We offer our knowledge of the academic theories and research findings and our experience with business just like yours.

Things Family Business Owners and/or Directors Need to Know :
  1. What does our present Family Business Health look like?
  2. What does our present Financial Health look like?
  3. What does our present People Health look like?
  4. What does our present Sales Health look like?
  5. What does our present Production Health look like?
  6. What does our present Customer Health look like?
  7. What does our present Facilities Health look like?
  8. What does our present Family Health look like?
  9. What does MY present Own Health look like?
10. What is my PERSONAL LEGACY in the community?
  For each of the 10 questions there is a short (quick-and-dirty) diagnostic of no more than 10 questions (except for the first that has 50 questions). This gives the Family Business Leader a good idea of his or her understanding the current state of himself or herself, the business and the family. We chose the term HEALTH as the generic indicator of a viable system. Health is a necessary condition for survival. Any system must first be healthy before it can become better or best!

What does our present Family Business Health look like?
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