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About us

Global Family Business Consultants is based in Athens Georgia and headed by Asterios (Stell) Kefalas. The Overseas office is in Thessaloniki, Greece. Our purpose is to provide family businesses with solid tools and advice that will enable them to prosper and remain sound for future generations.


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Our method is governed by the basic philosophy that business enterprises and organizations in general, are essentially, open, organic, and dynamic systems. These systems come into being by a group of humans who have recognized that the satisfaction of their own needs cannot be fulfilled by working alone as independent individuals.

In forming these systems, humans align their individual aspirations, needs and immediate goals with those of the system (Russell Ackoff, The Democratic Corporation). The result of this alignment is that systems grow and evolve in accordance, or in line, with the needs of their constituent parts. As members of these systems individuals practice proper selfishness. In other words, individuals understand that the best way to accomplish their own goals is through the accomplishment of the goals of the others. (Handy, Charles, The Hungry Spirit).

Our method begins with a diagnosis of the health of the organization. This diagnosis examines the organization's fit within the existing environment. It is possible that a given organization is healthy but operates within the inappropriate environment. Alternatively, the organization's unhealthy situation could be the result of an unhealthy internal environment. Finally, it is also possible that a healthy organization operates within a healthy environment but its management has not been able or willing to make the most out of the opportunities offered by the environment.

Combinations of personal visits and interviews and a number of diagnostic tools are employed. Some of these tools are self-diagnosing web based tools. These are a first cut type of attempts to get the clients interested to check their own health themselves first before turning to a professional agent.

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