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About us

Global Family Business Consultants is based in Athens Georgia and headed by Asterios (Stell) Kefalas. The Overseas office is in Thessaloniki, Greece. Our purpose is to provide family businesses with solid tools and advice that will enable them to prosper and remain sound for future generations.


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I was born in Greece and educated in Greece, Germany and the United States. After rolex replica uk with BA degree in Political Sciences and Economics from the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece, I spent two years with the Greek army as an officer stationed in Thessaloniki. Attended the Law School for a year and then upon rolex replica sale from the army, I attended graduate studies in Business Administration at the University of Hamburg, Germany. In 1966 I entered the Ph. D program of the College of Business Administration, University of Iowa and received my Doctorate in 1971. I have rolex replica sale the last thirty years at the Terry College of Business, The University of Georgia, teaching Management Systems and Global Business Strategies. I finally retired with the rank of Full Professor of Management July 1st, 2000. Currently I am a Professor Emeritus at the Terry College of Business, The University of Georgia.

Academic Achievements
During my thirty years tenure at the Terry College of Business, in addition to teaching, undergraduate and graduate course, I rolex replica sale more than 50 articles in scholarly journals and several books. My first book, Management Systems: Conceptual Considerations (1975) ran five editions and was translated in Spanish and Japanese. Management (1980) and Global Business Strategy: A Systems Approach (1990) were both rolex replica sale used as textbooks in the US and overseas. In 1999 I published my first book in Greek, The Enterprise in the 21st Century.

Popular Writing [columnist]
Greek Newspapers and Magazines [Makedonia, Manager]
American Newspapers [f="">, search Kefalas]
On The Horizon, The Environmental Scanning Newsletter for Higher Education [, search Kefalas]

Visiting Distinguished Professorships
1984-1995, International Center for Business Studies, Thessaloniki, Greece
1986, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
1993, Lyon III University, Lyon, France.
1994, American University, Cairo, Egypt.
1994, Vista University, Republic of South Africa.

1974, Fulbright Teaching Fellow, EAFIT, Medellin, Colombia.
1981-82, Fulbright Senior Teaching Fellow, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece.
1975, Semifinalist, George Mitchell, Limits to Growth, Prize.
1994, First Distinguished Lecturer in International Business, College of Business Administration, Georgia Southern University.
1998, Faculty Award for Outstanding Scholarship, Leadership and Service in the Field of International Education, Phi Beta Delta, Honorary Society of International Education.

Practical/Work Experience
1958, 1959, 1960 Summer Internships Agricultural Bank of Greece
1964 Summer internship Die Production, Hamburg, Germany
1965-66 Kosten Plannung und Daten Verarbeitung, Herman Bauermeister, GmbH, Hamburg, Germany.
1978-92 Board of Directors, Partswarehouse, Inc., Augusta, Georgia USA
1983-1989 Partner-Founder, CYBORG, Ltd., Management Consulting Co., Thessaloniki Greece
1987-1995 Partner-Founder, TEAM Management Consulting Co., Athens, Greece
1987-1996 Partner-Founder, TEAM WORK, Management Consulting Co., Thessaloniki Greece
1997-2000 President Genesis, AXE, Stockbrokers, Athens, Greece
1997-2000 Member of the Board of Directors, Metoxiki Pisti, Financial Consultants.
2001-2002 Associate Dean, New York College, Thessaloniki Greece
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