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[new-4[1].jpg]Global Family Business Consultants aims at assisting the Owners-Managers of Family-Owned Business in creating a sustainable business strategy that will help them avoid the perennial problem of "not-being-able-to-survive-beyond-the-FIRST-generation."


Our Approach: Focus On You!

You know better than anyone the challenges family business leaders face in balancing family needs with business goals. Global Family Business Consultants (GFBC) appreciate the difficulty of your job. Our experience teaches us daily that most family business problems are preventable. We also learn that most family business leaders wait until problems surface to deal with them. Like preventive health care most of us will not visit the doctor until we have to.

Our philosophy at the GFBC is simple: we see the entity called family business as an organic system that consists of two subsystems; the Family and the Business. These two systems are intricately related. Though each one can survive by itself, working together a sort of synergistic relationship develops. The combined outcome is greater than the sum of the outcomes of the two systems working separately.

Traditionally Business Consultants focus on the "business" side of the system. The family side was the domain of the Family Therapist. Our focus is the interaction between the two. Our approach is looking at the two systems as they interact dynamically. Our team of associates includes specialists in both family and business. Our traditional business associates concentrate on issues such as finances, production, sales, management, team building, communications, conflict resolution, strategic planning, training and development and succession planning. Our family therapists concentrate on matters related to a harmonious and psychologically healthy family life.

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